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Solid waste dumps are seriously spoiling the environmental conditions in developing countries. Negative environmental impacts from improper solid waste dumping can be easily observed everywhere in the developing world. The solid waste management scenario is becoming worse day by day. An inefficient municipal solid waste management system may create serious negative impact on environment and community.

Parisara was initiated in the year 2003, to provide sustainable dry waste management services to various corporates, industrial companies, institution, apartments & communities. It has come up as a reliable & sustainable waste management service provider. For more than 13 years we have implemented cost effective solutions for the dry waste collection to our clients. It has come up has a reliable & sustainable dry waste management service provider. Parisara has been continuously reducing the burden on the landfills by recycling & sending zero waste. It is contributing to the circular economy by providing livelihood opportunities to the people with disabilities & underprivileged.