Started in April 2017

  • Engages in awareness for bulk waste generators on source segregation and collection of dry waste.
  • Provides training to waste collectors.
  • Working towards upliftment of base pyramid people in this sector.
  • Setting up dry waste management unit where secondary segregation of waste will happen.

Training to Rag pickers

  • We have engaged with over 6 societies and 3 corporates for providing them source segregation training as well for training their staff/residents on source segregation
  • 7 campaigns have been held so far for introducing Parisara in Gurugram as well as promoting source segregation
  • We have partnered with organizations like HRA-Hridth Recycling Association and AIKMM-All India KabadiMazdoorMahasangh. Rag pickers in Gurugram are bounded labours working under particular contractors. The best way to interact with them is through these organizations as they work towards the upliftment of rag pickers.
  • Helping the beneficiaries.
  • Our first health camp will be set up in Gurugram on 4th September 2017 addressing to over 100 rag pickers
  • We are trying to partner up with organizations like Dr.Shroff, Himalaya Optical, Max India Foundation and Vikalp Foundation who work towards providing better health facilities, do free health camps and promote medical donations like spectacles, medicines etc.
  • Other than health camps, under our program we will be working towards the upliftment of rag pickers by providing them with safety gears, cleaner work environment and better alternatives for disposal of solid waste which generates higher income for them.