Wet /Food Waste:

All types of food waste such as fruit peels, left over food, flowers, etc.

Dry/Recyclable Waste:

All types of paper, plastic, metal cans, woods, tetra Pak, carton boxes, colored papers etc.

Sanitary Waste:

Consists of sanitary napkins, diapers, used tissue papers from washrooms, earbuds, medicines, syringes, cigarette butt.


Used cartridges, computer peripherals, TV, radio, Transistors, cds, mouse, home appliances etc.

Hazardous waste:

Tube lights, CFLs, aerosols spray bottles, chemicals, paints, thermometers.

Why to segregate waste?

So that it reduces burden on landfills & does not pollutes environment. 

How to segregate waste in a corporate?

Color coded bins as recommended by BBMP & highcourt should be followed. i.e. green bin for food waste, blue bin for dry waste & red bin for rest room waste.