Organization plays a major role in propagation of tetra packs from all possible sources in Ramanagara District. With social responsibility and being environmental friendly, organization takes forward the task in providing awareness of used tetra packs in all the mentioned sources, which shall be converted into utility product. The collected tetra pack waste shall be handed over to Tetra Pak Co. for further process of recycling of the same into a recycled material for all users.

Personnel from Samarthanam will go in teams and educate the bars owners, scrap dealers on the Used Tetra pak waste. They will meet Scrap dealers for better ideas on tetra pack collection strategies, which will be helpful for the Samarthanam personnel to execute well on time.

The executives will drive the project on ground level. Initially the grass root work will be done by the District coordinator who meets the bar owners, scrap dealers & talk about the recycle of the UTP. Samarthanam will appoint the Scrap dealer & assign the responsibilities for collection of the UTP. The scrap dealer will assign the staff for collection of the UTP from the said areas.

Target Area:

The targeted area for this project is to collect used tetra pak from various sources such as restaurants, bars, Dabas, educational institutions, Hotels, milk parlors. These are the places where mostly people use tetra packs for their ease to carry and dispose it off.
Target Location: Mandya District

Expected Outcome:
From the proposed project the expected outcomes are:
  • Segregation of used tetra packs accordingly by the recycling plant.
  • The material shall be segregated and disbursed.
  • Recycled paper will be the end product.
  • Awareness campaigns to be conducted for sake of Public consciousness.
  • Employment opportunities for differently-abled and economically underprivileged.
  • Project generates revenue for further scaling-up.


The project solely focuses on collection of tetra packs from various sources and distributing the same to the recycling unit. The recycling unit shall make sure that the product is being re processed and used as raw material for producing recycled paper. These recycled papers are distributed to requested business units. Alas, the waste management is done with a mere reason to save our Planet Earth for the future generation.